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A science invented by p.a. lopez (aka p. avion) and derived from the science of 'pataphysics as described by ALFRED JARRY.


What is a pataphor?

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Closet 'Pataphysics
- pataphors explained

Pataphor Test

My Pataphorical Farewell

My Pataphorical Grandmother

A Pataphorical Note

Beyond Pataphors: Other Writing




String theory may be said to be a kind of mathematical pataphor, insofar as it is 'supposition based on supposition'. In other words, as string theory is speculation based on ideas that are themselves speculative (in this instance, theories of general relativity and quantum mechanics), string theory is not in fact physics, but 'pataphysics.

We have to remember that 'pataphysics, in essense, describes a degree of separation from reality. So, for example, if we see someone we know on the street and believe they are ignoring us (even if it is not true), and then begin to imagine a reason they are doing so, we are essentially thinking pataphorically. So pataphors (and 'pataphysics) may also be said to describe the world of our fears, mistaken assumptions and belief systems run amok. They are worlds built of assumptions based on assumptions.

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Portrait of Monsier Ubu by Alfred Jarry
Collage (top) by Max Ernst, from Une Semaine de Bonte

Pataphor (noun):

1 An extended metaphor that creates its own context.

2 That which occurs when a lizard's tail has grown so long it breaks off and grows a new lizard.

La pataphore est une métaphore exceptionnellement élargie inventée par l'auteur Americain Paul Lopez. De même qu'Alfred Jarry définit que la ’Pataphysique « s'étend aussi loin au-delà de la métaphysique que la métaphysique au-delà de la physique », une pataphore crée une expression qui existe aussi loin de la métaphore que la métaphore s'étend elle-même au-delà du langage non figuré.


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